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Midas MTO Guide

Choosing leather for uppers can be a challenge on par with choosing a cloth for a suit. Rest assured that this selection has been carefully curated from some of the best tanneries in the world, providing a variety of high functioning options that will age elegantly with wear. Feel free to contact us to find out more about particular leathers, to seek out particular leathers not in stock, or to see specific swatches in different lighting.

Midas Bootmaker Stock Leathers

Local Leathers

Midas offers a series of bovine leathers tanned locally in Indonesia. Standard pullup leathers come in a wide variety of colours (reach out if you're looking for something not listed here) and have been tanned to meet the challenges of Indonesian jungle city walking alike.

  1. Black Pullup
  2. Dark Brown Pullup
  3. Burgundy Pullup
  4. Tan Pullup
  5. Indigo Dyed Veg-tan    
  6. Tan Roughout

Imported Leathers

Midas prides itself on a deliberate selection of leathers that best suit casual footwear. Whether it be from the Horween tannery in the USA, Badalassi Carlo in Italy, or Shinki in Japan, House of Agin and Midas Bootmaker are always on the lookout for leathers that can take a beating and come out looking looking better than ever. We can on occasion source rare leathers such as shell cordovan - reach out if you are in search for something specific. Badalassi Carlo photos are courtesy of Rocky Mountain Leather Supply.

  1. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Natural/Bone   
  2. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Black   
  3. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Dark Brown   
  4. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Bordeaux   
  5. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Tobacco   
  6. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Walnut   
  7. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Cognac   
  8. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Olmo   
  9. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Yellow/Napoli   
  10. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Olive   
  11. Badalassi Carlo Minerva Navy   
  12. Horween Chromexcel Natural       
  13. Maryam Toscanello Horsebutt                         

Midas Bootmaker Lasts

Midas Bootmaker currently offers 4 lasts, all of which should fit European true to size with slight variations in fit and aesthetics.

  • Edlyn

    Edlyn Last sideEdlyn top

    • Marlyn
    Marlyn SideMarlyn top
    • Landshaker

    Landshaker SideLandshaker top

    • Stark (Engineer exclusive)

    Stark side

    Stark top


    Midas Bootmaker Construction Method

    All construction methods offered by Midas are completely handwelted and handsewn to maximise durability and stitch strength. These are available in either 270 or 360 degree versions (which determines whether the outsole stitch goes around the heel or not)

    • Flat Welt - the most visually clean handwelted construction method available, the welt is as the name suggests, flat

    • Norwegian (Storm) Welt - true Norwegian construction is a bit different to a standard storm welt, in that the stitching on the 'wall' is properly functional. This is generally regarded as a construction method with increased water resistance, and creates additional 'chunkiness' at the welt

    • Veldtschoen - visually similar to stitchdown, with a key difference in that it is also handwelted to the insole. The upper is turned out at the front of the boot and has 2 visible rows of stitching. This is a great construction method for emphasising a taper from a wider forefoot to a sleek heel and is generally regarded as very water resistant

    • Stairschoen - Midas Bootmaker's signature construction which is a variation of veldtschoen. This is characterised by a 3-dimensional 'staircase' effect at the welt and requires significantly more time and precision to achieve

    • Chainstitch - the norvegese chainstitch is a popular technique for adding visual interest at the level of the welt. Traditionally, chainstitches are employed with Norwegian construction but does not add functional benefit

    Midas Bootmaker Outsoles

    Midas offers a series of leather and rubber soles suited to all kinds of climate and conditions

    • Double leather - standard veg-tan leather sole + leather midsole combination that creates a semi-dressy aesthetic
    • Dainite rubber - popular studded rubber sole with a relatively slim profile. Great traction on pavement, but is not recommended for icy conditions or wet tile 

    • Ridgeway rubber - high traction rubber sole with deep lugs. Lugs are set away from the edges to maintain a lower side profile

    • Vibram 430 (mini commando) rubber - medium traction, medium profile with recessed lugs that are not visible from 

    • Dr Sole half rubber sole - emphasises a slimmer waist by leaving the midsole exposed where traction is not needed

    Midas Bootmaker Heel Block

    • Standard Block heel

    • Curved Woodsman heel

    Midas Bootmaker Edge and Welt finish

    • Natural

    • Antique Brown

    • Dark Brown

    • Black