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MTO - Thunderboot II - 50% deposit

Midas’ Thunderboot II wholecut derby boot is a special iteration of the Winson Thunderboot wholecut boot. The model II trades the original formal closed lacing system for a more casual open lacing.

Note: The Thunderboot II is only available on the Marlyn Last.

  • Handwelted construction 
  • Thick full veg-tanned leather insole
  • Full veg-tanned leather heel stack
  • Fully handstitched outsole

Note: Sizes over 45 will incur additional charges

Lead time is approximately 4-6 months.

The Thunderboot II has an additional upfront surcharge of $20 due to the increased difficulty of making and the need for a large, single piece of unblemished leather. Remaining 50% of base price is due upon completion. Total base price is $360 USD shipped.

Midas products are not handled by House of Agin, and are shipped directly from the maker to the customer.

Size and Fit Guide

MTO - Thunderboot II - 50% deposit

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