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Sizing and Lasts

As we are based in Sydney, Australia, you may contact us to organise in-person fittings. We will periodically hold trunk shows to showcase the brands we carry, as well as allow people to try shoes on with no pressure to purchase.

Mattina Lasts

N - Narrative (Soft square) - Scaling between European size and US/UK half size. May require sizing up at smaller sizes and down at larger sizes. Heel is shaped to be snug with a generous forefoot. Medium instep.

C - Cantabile (Almond toe) - Scaling between European size and US/UK half size. Same last as N except for the toe shape.

Midas Bootmaker Lasts

Edlyn (classic boot last) - True to standard EU size. The original Midas last, should accommodate regular and thick socks alike

Marlyn - True to standard EU size. More tapered, sleek toe than Edlyn which works well with slimmer service boots

Landshaker - True to standard EU size, though slightly roomier than Edlyn. More toe spring and more prominent toe box

Stark - True to standard EU size. Higher instep and more aggressively curved heel is specifically designed for engineer boots


Reference Sizes with other brands


Notes about feet: Left foot pretty much bang on 9D US, right foot maybe 9.25D. Normal arch/instep. Pinky toes splay a touch wide

Mattina N 42EU Great fit with little to no heel slip, instep is like Loake Capital/Carmina Rain

Mattina C 42EU Great fit with little to no heel slip, instep is like Loake Capital/Carmina Rain

Midas Edlyn EU42 Comfortable

Midas Landshaker EU42 comfortable fit

Midas Stark EU42 Great fit on an engineer, instep is high enough to slip and and off and there is only a bit of heel slip due to the shaped heel

Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged 9US

Alden Aberdeen 9D loosened up a bit with wear

Alden Barrie 8.5D comfortable though a bit loose with wear

Alden Van 8.5D comfortable in shell

Antonio Meccariello Aeris Soft Square 8.5UK excellent fit

Antonio Meccariello Chisel II 8.5UK bit loose all round, I suspect half a size down would have fit better but a become a bit tight at the pinky toe

Berwick1707 240 42EU quite snug all round, perfect for a summer loafer

Carlos Santos 1944/r1s 8UK fantastic loafer fit

Carlos Santos 401/s 8UK forefoot a bit roomy

Carmina Detroit 7.5UK

Carmina Pina 8UK too much heel slip for a loafer

Carmina Rain 8UK love the fit

Carmina Simpson 8.5UK instep too low

Clematis Ginza unknown oxford last 8UK (made by Joe Works, also too low an instep)

Common Projects Achilles Low 41EU Fits but toe box feels too low

Common Projects Achilles Low 42EU Great fit

Crockett & Jones 314 8EUK snug all round, not much toe room

Crockett & Jones 341 8EUK fantastic fit

Edward Green 184 8.5UK fantastic loafer fit. Heel and instep grips without the toe being too restrictive

Edward Green 82 8.5UK pretty good forefoot with too much heel slip. I suspect 8UK would have been better

Enzo Bonafe 74945 8UK perfect fit, snug around the heel and ball with a comfortable instep but still toe room

Enzo Bonafe 804 7.5UK fits a bit better than 8UK, 8UK has a lot of heel slip in shell boots

Enzo Bonafe 062 8UK fits similarly to 804 7.5UK. All Enzos were tried as oxfords and have comfortable insteps with no gap

Epaulet GAT replica 42EU

Fugashin Saigon unknown wholecut last 8UK comfortable, good instep for oxford

Gaziano Girling MH71 8.5EUK comfortable

Gaziano Girling MH71 8.5FUK comfortable. Somehow lower instep than E?

Gaziano Girling TG73 8.5EUK comfortable but slight pinching at pinky toe

Grant Stone Leo 8.5D super comfortable boot last, bit roomy

Joe Works JOE-0 8UK instep too low - v gap in oxford laces

Loake Capital 8UK snug with room at the toe, perfect fit

Lof and Tung S 8UK great fit

Meermin Bob 8UK a hint loose at the heel, but snug at the forefoot

Meermin Elton 8UK very snug to start, much more comfy now

Meermin Olfe 8.5UK could've probably gone down to 8UK but is still pretty comfortable, surprisingly not too slippy

Meermin Rui 8UK phenomenal fit

Oriental Shoemaker unknown oxford last 8.5US is comfortable but instep is too low. 9US is too generous

Red Wing 8 last (iron ranger) 8.5D a bit snug on the sides of the mid foot, might've gotten away with 8.5E

Rider Boot 42 last 9D comfortable fit, but lowish instep at the top makes it hard to put them on without shoehorn

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman 8G with a little heel slip

TLB Mallorca Alan 8FUK generous without being overly roomy. Very comfortable, great instep for oxfords

Trickers W2298 8UK a bit tight at the toes, perfectly snug everywhere else

Trickers 4444 8UK tiny bit of heel slip, fits like a dream at the ball

Thomas George Collection Jacka’s 7.5UK a bit roomy

Thomas George Collection Pope’s 7.5UK quite snug, grips heel well but pinches the toes a bit. 8UK was much too loose.

TXTURE Budokan EU42 snug

Vass P2 EU41.5 comfortable fit, too much toe volume and instep.

Viberg 2030 8 snug but not too tight

Viberg 2030 8.5 a bit loose in the heel in CXL, comfortable when laced tightly all the way up

Winson Kirin EU42 comfortable

Winson Qilin EU42 fantastic fit all round

Yanko 955 7.5UK fits snug but comfortable with thin socks to start. Stretched to become a bit too loose with heel slip – note these are unlined

Yanko 915 8UK, a bit loose at the heel

Yeossal YSQ 42EU excellent fit

Zonkey Boot Classic 8UK great fit but stiffeners are stiff

Zonkey Boot High Street 8UK



Notes about feet: Very standard 7UK foot

Mattina N 41EU  ‘nah yeah fits like a f#$!ing glove mate’

Andrew McDonald 41EU

Berwick 1707 Utip derby 7F UK

Cheaney 125 7F UK

Crockett & Jones 314 7EUK bit tighter

Crockett & Jones 325 7EUK

Crockett & Jones 341 7EUK

Crockett & Jones 348 7EUK

Edward Green 82 7UK

Herring Shoes 7UK

Melody Chia 7UK

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman 7G

Thomas George Collection Jefferies 7UK

Thomas George Collection Pope 6.5UK