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About the Brand - Mattina Shoes

Originating in 1994 as a factory specializing in the production of welted shoes for Japanese private labels, Mattina Shoes was launched in 2019 as the factory’s own brand. With an emphasis on harmonious design and the guidance of an in-house bespoke shoemaker, Mattina brings together a workforce experienced in creating high quality footwear for the discerning Japanese market. The result is a brand that can utilize the scale and efficiency of a factory to access excellent materials at accessible prices. Make no mistake – the quality of these handwelted shoes will delight casual wearers and enthusiasts alike. Mattina Shoes are proudly made in China, close to Shanghai.

Here are some of the features we choose to focus on, as well as some where we accept compromise at Mattina:

 Important to us

Compromise made

Better cuts of upper leather from top tanneries in Europe and the USA

Linings from locally tanned calfskin

Handwelted construction

Leatherboard heel counters (better than celastic, but not as good as full leather)

Full veg tanned leather heel stacks

Celastic toe puffs

Cheaper lasted shoe trees and JR sole upgrades

Partially hand lasted

Handsewn pie crust aprons

Machine stitched outsoles

Free shipping worldwide

Fewer construction options for MTO

See the whole collection here, and MTO options below:

Choosing leather for uppers can be a challenge on par with choosing a cloth for a suit. Rest assured that this selection has been carefully curated from some of the best tanneries in the world, providing a variety of high functioning options that will age elegantly with wear. Feel free to contact us to find out more about particular leathers, to seek out particular leathers not in stock, or to see specific swatches in different lighting.

Smooth Leathers

Smooth leathers are ideal for formal wear, and look great with a mirror shine. These are supple while maintaining shape over long use.

  1. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Black
  2. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Navy Blue 8865
  3. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Espresso 2986
  4. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Dark Brown 5048
  5. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Chocolate 5726
  6. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Bordeaux 2372
  7. Tannery D'Annonay Vocalou Calf Chestnut 5448

Other Smooth leathers:

  • Zonta Museum Calf Dark Brown 3101

  • Zonta Museum Calf Cognac

Grain (embossed) Leathers

Grain leathers have been embossed with a pattern from the tannery, making them more resistant to scratches and water spots from rain. These pair extremely well with rubber soles as a rainy day shoe.

  • Tannery D'Annonay Inca Grain Calf Black
  • Tannery D'Annonay Inca Grain Calf Rosewood 6127

  • Horween Hatchgrain Cowhide Black (limited)
  • Horween Hatchgrain Cowhide Saddle Brown (limited)


    Our calf suedes have been chosen for their rich handle and luxurious feel. While they are ideal for more casual warm weather shoes, they can easily hold their own in wet weather. Repello suede from CF Stead in particular have been impregnated with Scotch Guard during tanning so that liquids fall right off without need for sprays.

    1. CF Stead Repello Calf Suede Tobacco 12
    2. CF Stead Repello Calf Suede Chocolate 11592
    3. CF Stead Repello Calf Suede Dark Polo 8819
    4. CF Stead Repello Calf Suede Navy Blue
    5. CF Stead Repello Calf Suede Black

    Mattina currently offers 2 different lasts that have identical fit along the body of the shoe.

    • N - Narrative (Soft square) - Scaling between European size and US/UK half size. May require sizing up at smaller sizes and down at larger sizes. Heel is shaped to be snug with a generous forefoot. Medium instep.

    • C - Cantabile (Almond toe) - Scaling between European size and US/UK half size. Same last as N except for the toe shape.

    Mattina offers 2 types of leather soles and 2 types of low profile rubber soles. By default, leather soles with have a black painted waist, but this can be left brown upon request. Midsoles can be added to any of these options without charge.

    • Regular Leather

    • JR Rendenbach Leather including JR heel (+$40)

    • Vibram Eton Rubber

    • Dainite Studded Rubber

    Additional flush toe taps or topsoles can be added to leather soles on request. Additional lead time: 1-2 weeks.

    • Lulu steel toe tap (+$45)
    • Vibram Explosion topy sole (+$45)
    • Vibram Explosion topy heel (+$45)

    Note: Pictured with Topy sole and Lulu toe taps.

    Mattina’s edges and welts come in 4 different finishes.

    • Natural (pictured with storm welt, not available)

    • Antique Brown (pictured with pitched heel, for GMTO only)

    • Dark Brown

    • Black

    Mattina shoe trees are semi-lasted (only the toe is not lasted), hollowed, and use a twin tube spring mechanism.