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About Us

House of Agin’s mission is to bring you incredibly high quality shoes at accessible prices. The top upper echelons of shoe construction and material have long been gated by price or geography. This is a project is fueled primarily by passion, allowing us to slim down our margins while asking our partners to deliver a truly superior product.

As with all products that depend on skilled craftsmanship, a compromise must be made between price and quality. Choosing makers without large marketing budgets or storefronts allows a greater share of your money to be allocated toward quality materials and skilled construction. Low volume production allows each pair of shoes to be inspected more critically to catch flaws and imperfections. At House of Agin, we carefully decide which features deliver you the most benefit while accepting compromises on those that deliver less.

If you are based in Sydney, Australia, you may contact us to organise in-person fittings. We will periodically hold trunk shows to showcase the brands we carry, as well as allow people to try shoes on with no pressure to purchase.