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What is Made to Order?

Made to Order (MTO)

House of Agin is proud to offer allow the customisation of our standard handwelted models with a wide variety of upper, sole, and last combinations at a highly accessible price. We are happy to assist in the sourcing of leathers or materials beyond our stock offerings, though this may be subject to an additional surcharge.

Lead time for single MTO orders is approximately 2-6 months (depending on brand) for designs from stocked materials.

Learn more about how to order custom footwear here.

Group Made to Order (GMTO)

The minimum for a GMTO is 6 pairs of the same makeup in any sizes. GMTO gives access to a reduced price, as well as an increase in customization options.

Lead time for GMTO is dependent on the degree of customisation involved, but remains 2-6 months once construction begins.

Contact us by email at info@houseofagin.com to discuss