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About the Brand - Midas Bootmaker

For boot enthusiasts, the Indonesian shoemaking scene needs no introduction. There is a long tradition of cordwaining (shoemaking) dating back to Dutch colonisation for which demand has been revitalised by a generation of raw denim enthusiasts. Midas’ small team are part of a new generation of craftsmen carrying the torch, having gained acclaim among shoe enthusiasts worldwide under sister brand Winson.

Now, Midas applies the same exacting standards for building a Winson dress shoe to casual boots. The lasts, leathers, and patterns may be different – the quality of construction remains the same, from handwelted insole to painstakingly hand stitched outsole. Midas boots are built to be worn hard, and designed to withstand jungle and pavement alike. No wishy wash marketing here – these boots are truly handmade.

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