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How to Order

Ordering custom shoes can be a confusing and intimidating process.It doesn't have to be - either contact us by email at info@houseofagin.com to get started, or follow these steps to place your order directly through the website.

  1. Navigate to page of the brand you are interested in ordering.
  2. Choose a style/pattern.
  3. Choose the details that will go into your custom footwear. Get in contact with us if you have some particular requests that are not listed.
  4. Add to cart. Include any relevant notes. Make sure you check with us to confirm if non-standard customisations are possible before checking out.
  5. Checkout. Paying for the style/pattern item is considered your 50% deposit, with the remainder due upon completion. Surcharges for special features or material are due up front.

If you believe you have made an error or would like to change a detail, please contact us immediately. The making process can begin as quickly as 48 hours after an order is placed, so we cannot guarantee adjustment of these once it has begun.

Some Tips for Ordering

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for ordering MTO shoes. Many of those with a collection of custom footwear have a few pairs in the closet that they regret. Here are some tips for those new to the process:

  • Have an inspiration. This makes it easier to decide what details go well together.
  • Double check the temptation to 'add something unique'. Your tastes will change with time, and our footwear has been built to last. Hopefully you will continue to reach for your pair for decades to come.
  • Reach out for recommendations. We are always happy to discuss and suggest makeups that suit your need.